Raon Vega drawbacks

Everything about the Raon UMPCs, namely Raon Vega, Raon Everun and Raon Everun Note
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Raon Vega drawbacks

Post by Kyodai »

OK before i go bashing the Vega it has to be said that I think this is the best UMPC Raon ever made. They are rock solid, don't have any hardware problems and the battery lasts very long.

So now to the drawbacks:

- No Wifi, no Bluetooth, no 3G. Nothing. Nada! Use USB if you wanna be connected or forget aout it.
- The keyboard. How can you type like 50 keys when you only have like 11+2 keys? Weird combinations! The manual has a translation table for all normal keys to weird combinations. Only good in case of emergency, totally unusable otherwise. You'll learn some basic stuff like "page up" and suchafter a while, but don't expect to ever learn all of them.
- No 3D card. Not even the lamest Intel crap. So say goodbye to GTA III and so on. There is a DirectX patch, but barely anything works on this weird gfx card, not even the oldest games. DOSBOX and co are fine though.
- Mushy mouse stick is on the left side. OK, it is big. And mushy. I forgive you Raon. But left side? I guess only great for leftys.
- Performance is ...SLOW... Yeah UMPCs are not really gaming PCs, but the extremely slow CPU (Has 500 MHz, feels like 200...) combined with a slow HDD make this a game of patience to boot up. For DOSBOX or stuff it is OK though and the battery saving should be taken into account. But oh well...
- BRICK: Not by Functionality (Unless you expect wifi or so) but by design. Actually i find it quite comfortable, but after all is said and done I can see why it was nicknamed "the brick".
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