Sharp PC-3000

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RE: Sharp PC-3000

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Do you have pics or a reference you can share to open theSharp PC-3000? My unit displays a POST Failure - 0003 on screen right after I insert batteries and power it on. I have a feeling the previous set of batteries left in it by the previous owner leaked and some of it got onto the circuit board. I’d like to see if cleaning it off will resolve the error message. Thanks!
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Re: Sharp PC-3000

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You can find the instructions for opening the unit in the Service Manual, I am posting here the page describing the simple operations needed.
According to the Technical Reference Manual, the POST error 003 refers to "Chilly boot SRAM test failed because a value read from a byte did not match the value written to it", maybe the SRAM IC is noto working or, most likely, there is a fake contact.
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