HP 95LX tips and vids

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HP 95LX tips and vids

Post by molleraj »

Hi all! I just wanted to share my recent findings about the HP 95LX as I thought you all would appreciate them. I have been able to get CF cards to work in the 95LX, following directions here: https://hermocom.com/hplx/view-all-hp-p ... lx#storage. You can use up to 32 Mb cards given MS-DOS 3.22. I use a SDCFB-32 SanDisk 32MB CF card regularly with no troubles at all. I formatted it with the SanDisk utility sformat.

I also patched Christian Felique's non-SanDisk-compatible flash driver to remove the low main battery write-protect (false low battery alerts due to a faulty motherboard cap are a common 95LX problem) and posted it on my website: http://guofu.sdf.org/dosportables.html. There's also pictures and general information about the 95LX on that page.

You can find the original 95LX flash card drivers here: http://www.retroisle.com/others/hp95lx/software.php

Finally, I recorded review and tutorial videos about the palmtop in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... yIQ10mxhzc

Enjoy everyone! Kyodai - you should note the possibility of using CF cards on your 95LX page ;)

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Re: HP 95LX tips and vids

Post by Kyodai »

Wow, didn't even know you can use CF cards on the 95LX. I must admit I neglected the 95LX a lot, prolly because due to the custom graphics mode very few standard MS-DOS appz work. Way too wasted tonight to update the website, but if I don't forget imma do that tomorrow.

Thanks for all the valuable infos and links. Really appreciated.
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Re: HP 95LX tips and vids

Post by bttr »

Hi Jon!
Your site at http://guofu.sdf.org/ is no longer available.
Did you move anywhere else?
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